Driving with Coffee

Saturday, July 10, 2010

On the Fence

It's my kid-free weekend. I'm stressed over not having a job and about my unemployment being almost over. Going to run out of money. Then I don't know how I'm supposed to survive in this world.

L has been trying to get me to come to the island since last Monday. I really wanted this weekend for myself. He's made it very tempting. He offered to pay for the boat ride and the parking. He's offered to make me dinner, serve me wine, give me a massage. Mostly I think he just wants to have sex. And the sex IS really great. I have zero complaints there. He's the best partner I've ever been with. Ever.

Good partner or not, I don't feel like driving an hour to the Cape to get to the ferry. And actually, I had talked with him earlier today about it, about taking the latest slow boat out. He complained that it was too late and that he didn't want to have to drive out that late at night to get me. Well so I laughed and said I didn't really want to drive the hour onto the Cape!

I think the moment of consideration has passed. I no longer want to go to the island.

And he's on the phone calling me again.

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